cable management system ac

Cable management system

for AC charging stations


Whether for fleet and vehicle fleet solutions or for charging in public areas: The AC cable management system can be fastened to ceilings and projecting roofs - and also offers maximum manoeuvrability and flexibility for labour-intensive premises such as workshops, car washes and others, thereby ensuring smooth operations.

  • Provision of type 2 charging plug from above
  • robust and low-maintenance construction
  • additional protection against operating errors and vandalism due to defined separation point
  • Bridging of long distances thanks to spiralled cable
  • 1.2 m extension with latching function in the end positions
  • can be used for 3.7 to 22 kW charging cables
  • Service Compleo: Checking of the installation situation by a structural engineer, if necessary, as well as individual adaptation to the local conditions.


Working area free of interfering cables

  • ergonomic environment is maintained
  • increased work safety and freedom of movement

Robust materials

  • low maintenance
  • suitable for rough workshop use
  • suitable for public and semi-public areas

Excessive force coupling against vandalism and incorrect operation

  • Defined separation point minimises risk of damage to ceiling or roof, charging infrastructure or vehicles

Operating principle

Upper position:

  • Charging plug hangs above the vehicle
  • No damage to the charging plug possible
  • the strap allows the charging plug to be pulled down

Lower position:

  • Charging plug easily accessible

  • Convenient charging possible

  • Spiralled charging cable allows for a wide radius of action

Mechanical structure

1 - Fastening points

2 - Pulling unit with gas pressure spring

3 - Supply line from the charging station

4 - Excess force coupling

5 - Parking position of the charging plug

6 - Strap for good accessibility at top position


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