cable management system dc

Cable management system

for DC charging stations


The DC cable management can be attached to posts and charging stations. The charging socket can be accessed from any conceivable position at the car, thanks to the flexible rotation around the longitudinal axis of the post and an extendable cable length of 6 metres. To protect the cable from damage, it is routed above the ground.

  • The robust mechanics are maintenance-free.
  • Operation is intuitive.
  • The counterweight in the bar guarantees easy handling for the operator - even with heavy charging cables.


Parking space arrangement

1 - Charging station

2 - Cable management system

3 - Wire cable between post and charging cable

4 - Charging plug range


1 - Rotatable head withpulley and plain bearing

2 - Prefabricated foundation

3 - Retractable attachment for the charging cable

4 - Corrosion-resistant stainless steel tube, ground Height: 2.6 m

Mounting variants

  • Particularly flexible installation option thanks to the prefabricated foundation in the form of a concrete base
  • Only simple earthworks necessary when using a concrete base that is included in the delivery
  • Simple replacement of the crash barrier possible if required
Variants with concrete base without concrete base
for Cito 240 CM DC1.240 BM CM DC1.240 CM
for Cito 500 CM DC1.500 BM CM DC1.500 CM

Crash barrier

  • Mounting of the posts with prefabricated foundation or as direct mounting on the ground
  • if necessary, the crash barrier can be easily replaced

Variant with concrete base

Variant without concrete base

Mounting on concrete ground or asphalt

Variant with crash barrier


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