calibration law for ac & dc

As with refuelling a conventional car, consumers want to be sure that only the amount of electricity actually used when charging an electric vehicle appears on their final bill. This is why only charging points that comply with calibration law may be installed. With the SAM innovation, our AC and DC charging points easily achieve compliance with calibration law: no maintenance, no complex cloud software, no monthly charges, no tie to a specific backend.

This is all facilitated by the storage and display module, or: SAM for short. Once installed, the charging station immediately functions in compliance with calibration laws without additional effort, restrictions or ongoing costs. SAM is certified by the the German Institute of Physics and Metrology (PTB) and is guaranteed to be compliant with calibration law. Many well-known operators are therefore placing their confidence in the clever and liberating SAM solution.

The first DC charging stations compliant with calibration laws come from Compleo

How can charging stations comply with calibration law? Explanatory video on SAM by Compleo