Charging stations for car dealerships

Charging stations for car dealerships

Compleo offers charging stations optimised for the needs of car dealerships. We have calibration law-compliant AC and DC charging stations which are reliable, safe and economical, and many car dealerships are already relying on our charging stations.

The Cito series

Fast & calibration law-compliant AC
and DC charging in one station

For the production and market launch of our Cito series, Compleo has intensively studied the needs of customers and car dealers. After numerous development cycles, a universal solution was created for charging processes which comply with calibration law - and that for AC and DC charging points alike.

Not only do the Cito charging stations have an impressive timeless design and particularly silent operation, but they also offer car dealerships comprehensive added value, especially through intuitive user-friendliness and economic value creation. 

Designed as a multi-standard charging station, the Cito columns have either 24kW or 50 kW charging power. In addition, they are interoperable with all common connections and preconfigured for both DC and AC charging points in compliance with calibration law.

Based on this flexibility, operators can tick off the issue of "compliance with calibration law" without worries - both in terms of contract-based and selective charging.

Her are more AC charging stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A connected load of 35 kW (50 A) must be available for the Cito 240 charging station in the 11/22 kW configuration.

The Cito 240 and all other charging stations can be obtained directly from Compleo or from your municipal utility, energy supplier, electrical specialist and approved sales partners.

  1. We recommend mounting the charging station on our finished foundation with base filler (called "mounting material" in the product description). Depending on the conditions on site, the installation can also be carried out on an existing foundation. Additional expenditure is to be expected here.
  2. The charging station CITO BM must be connected to a back end.
  3. The standard cable length of the CCS cable at the station is 3.5 m (usable approx. 3 m). Due to the structural situation on site, a longer cable may be required. This would be available in a length of 6.7 m (useful approx. 6.2 m).
  4. For safety reasons (the cable must not be driven over), the Compleo Cable Management System (KMS) must also be installed with the longer cable. The KMS ensures that the cable does not lie on the ground.
  5. Longer cables and the KMS are only available from Compleo.
  6. For assembly, installation and commissioning see below.

Maintenance of the charging station is described in the installation, operating and maintenance instructions. Compleo recommends twice-yearly maintenance. Regular maintenance of the charging station can be carried out by any electrical specialist. A prerequisite is that the specialist has a test device for simulating DC charging processes (for the Cito series). A maintenance contract for the stations can also be concluded with Compleo.

We recommend mounting our charging stations on our finished foundation (including base filler). The installation of the foundation / the station requires respective devices (crane, forklift with forklift hook, ...) including lifting gear for setting the foundation or for lifting the station onto the foundation.

Stainless steel housing


Absolutely robust, high recognition value and timeless design. The Citos are delivered in the new high-quality and stable stainless steel housing. It includes a number of features which make it easier to use and increase safety. The charging stations meet the latest requirements in terms of EMC. 

Compliant with calibration law


One station covers everything in compliance with calibration law: The Citos combine fast DC charging with proven AC connection. This ensures everything is included for all vehicles and applications. Compliance with calibration law applies to both contract-based charging and ad hoc charging.

Economical, fast & silent


Designed as multi-standard charging stations, the Citos have 24 kW or 50 kW charging capacity and are particularly economical and silent in operation. Simple operation, a high-quality graphic display, automatic near-field illumination and an optionally available cable management system ensure a high degree of user-friendliness.

Simple operation, a high-quality graphic display as well as automatic near-field illumination and an optional cable management system ensures user-friendliness at a high level. As all relevantcomponents of the Cito series – from the flexible connection options to the hardware module compliant with calibration law – are already installed in a robust and high-quality stainless steel housing, the charging station promises a particularly space-saving compactness and can also be placed directly against a wall if required. 

Car dealership Gövert

"We were impressed by Compleo's unbeatable offer and its AC and DC charging station which complies with calibration law. Our customers can easily charge here, which makes us even more attractive as a car dealer and service point". 

And this is how easy it is to install the station:

Step 1: Fill out checklist 

Step 2: Clarification of available grid connection power 

Step 3: Commissioning of implementing electrical specialist company 

Step 4: Execution of earthworks (cable trench, finished foundation) 

Step 5: Laying of supply cables (through trenches and foundations) 

Step 6: Completion of earthworks (backfilling, e.g. laying paving) 

Step 7: Mechanical installation of the charging station on foundations 

Step 8: Electrical connection of the charging station 

Step 9: Initial operation by a qualified electrical company 

Step 10: Starting the first charging process