The best charging points for fleet use

Whether you're an industrial concern or logistics centre, whether you have 5 vehicles or 5,000: Every electric vehicle fleet needs a charging solution. To ensure that every parking space has a charging point, Compleo - with its intelligent busbar system - has developed an attractive charging solution that is guaranteed to deliver.

Zwei Ladesäulen von Compleo auf dem Parkplatz des Ruhr Parks.

for fleets

Employee's cars, company cars and commercial vehicles are all part of a typical fleet. While industrial concerns frequently have company or pool vehicles, commercial vehicles - particularly in the form of electric scooters - take on greater importance for logistics centre providers. But what is the most intelligent method of charging an electric fleet? And what can be done if there is insufficient energy to charge all of the vehicles simultaneously?

To answer these questions, Compleo has specialised in intelligent and efficient load management. This allows the necessary energy to be delivered successfully - and consumer payments and billing become a pleasure. Furthermore, charging with both AC and DC no longer presents any hurdles. But the best thing here is that, in order to reduce installation costs, Compleo offers its own internally-developed busbar system in addition to the standard star cabling. This guarantees maximum flexibility and scalability.