The best charging points for municipal utilities

The mobility market is undergoing transformation. Electromobility is a strongly growing sector. This presents challenges for existing municipal utilities as reliable energy service companies. How can they successfully react to these changes and successfully meet the new requirements of their customers?


Zwei Ladesäulen von Compleo auf dem Parkplatz des Ruhr Parks.

for municipal utilities

How can municipal utilities drive the eMobility sector forward with investments in public infrastructure? And how can they facilitate entry into the clean transportation sector for their customers? Compleo provides answers to these key questions. Specifically, municipal utilities need a strong partner with which they can achieve a charging infrastructure that meets their needs, while remaining able to react flexibly to customer enquiries.

Compleo, as an all-round carefree provider of charging infrastructure, enables municipal utilities to offer services to their customers. And this is achieved with competitively-priced and reliable solutions at the same time. Compleo also takes a no-problem approach to providing flexible and expandable charging infrastructure for trade and industrial customers. In the public sector Compleo also ensures a vandal-resistant, intelligent solution with calibration law-compliant metering. If you value a high degree of flexibility and reliability you have found the right partner in Compleo.

Ein Fahrzeug steht auf einem Parkplatz vor einer Ladesäule von Compleo.