The best charging points for municipal utilities

The mobility market is undergoing transformation. Electromobility is a strongly growing sector. This presents challenges for existing municipal utilities as reliable energy service companies. How can they successfully react to these changes and successfully meet the new requirements of their customers?


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for municipal utilities

How can municipal utilities drive the eMobility sector forward with investments in public infrastructure? And how can they facilitate entry into the clean transportation sector for their customers? Compleo provides answers to these key questions. Specifically, municipal utilities need a strong partner with which they can achieve a charging infrastructure that meets their needs, while remaining able to react flexibly to customer enquiries.

Compleo, as an all-round carefree provider of charging infrastructure, enables municipal utilities to offer services to their customers. And this is achieved with competitively-priced and reliable solutions at the same time. Compleo also takes a no-problem approach to providing flexible and expandable charging infrastructure for trade and industrial customers. In the public sector Compleo also ensures a vandal-resistant, intelligent solution with calibration law-compliant metering. If you value a high degree of flexibility and reliability you have found the right partner in Compleo.

Calibration law-compliant electromobility for municipal utilities

With our AC and DC charging stations, public utilities can set up a charging infrastructure that is not only emission-free and carbon-neutral, but also indispensable for every mobility concept of the future. Our charging stations comply with calibration law, are economical and safe to operate and offer plenty of scope for your branding. Many municipal utilities have already opted for a partnership with Compleo.

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Municipal utilities electrify us

We know the needs and special challenges of municipal utilities and energy supply companies. We have therefore worked intensively on solutions to help you develop a reliable and economical charging infrastructure. Our charging stations can be operated with all back ends and offer full flexibility for your business model. On request, our project team will help you with planning, installation, configuration and maintenance. In this regard: These are all options, not requirements. All our charging stations also meet the requirements of the subsidy programmes and, thanks to SAM, comply with calibration law. 

Compleo Advanced IMS - optimised for municipal utilities

Complete execution in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4102

  • Calibration law-compliant public AC charging station
    with individual equipment
  • Smart Meter per charging point, SH switch
  • 100 % weatherproof & durable
  • Counter field for 1x BKE-I or optionally for 2x BKE-I
    or 1x 3-point counter
  • House junction box KH00 according to DIN 43627 (1 x 3 x NH00)
  • Distance house junction box to ground > 300 mm
  • Instrument transformer
  • Further options available depending on your individual TABs

To further charging stations

Reduce the load on your network! With Compleo Load Management

Tailored load management models guarantee optimum use of feed-in services with the help of various prioritisation levels and intelligent reservation approvals.

In dynamic mode , a master charging station distributes the available power evenly, automatically taking into account the maximum acceptable current limit and the effective - available in real-time - free power within a building.

In static mode, the available power is distributed to different numbers of charging points according to different priority levels.

To ensure basic safety, the charging current at each individual charging point is checked at 30-second intervals and adjusted if necessary.

We support your business model

Thanks to our open system, you can decide which services to perform yourself or with a partner of your choice. Everything you need for your business model and third-party business. Upon request, we also offer an integrated range of services as a service provider. These include intensive preliminary consultation, support for planning, subsidy management and installation and maintenance. 

Compleo charging stations are everything that operators and users can now rely on with a clear conscience: From certified compliance with calibration law and unrestricted roaming capability to ease of maintenance, protection against vandalism and convenient payment systems.

Compliance with calibration law

Our charging stations are equipped with SAM. The memory and display module has been certified and approved by the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB) as local hardware for calibration law-compliant charging. Our Cito 240 and Cito 500 are the first DC charging stations ever to comply with calibration law, thanks to SAM.

Easy Payment

Together with GLS Bank we developed Giro-e, an optional payment system which allows easy payment by EC card. No prior registrations are necessary. The corresponding data are then transferred to the customer's house bank and invoiced from there.

Open System

Thanks to our flexible and open approach, your charging infrastructure can be set up to best suit your needs. Our charging stations are designed to operate with different back ends and in different scenarios.

Protection against vandalism

Automatically locking power outlets protect our charging sources against vandalism. The customer is granted access via simple authorisation at the respective charging point. Also included is an impact-resistant display which has successfully passed the corresponding test with an impact device – even after several repetitions – according to DIN EN 61439-5 section

Ease of maintenance

In the event of a fault indication, a remote service ensures that our charging stations switch themselves on again automatically and independently. The corresponding hardware reset occurs externally. The result: Prevention of service calls, reduction of downtimes and cost reduction for operators.


Our charging stations are not only protected against vandalism, but also withstand wind, weather and extreme climatic conditions. Our housings and integrated technology have been developed and tested for reliability and long service life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since April 2019, the revised EU Directive 2014/94/EU stipulates that all charging stations that are connected to the grid must comply with calibration law. This is checked by the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB). All parameters such as start duration, time and charging time, reference quantity or ID must be displayed transparently, remain verifiable and be protected against falsification.

With SAM®, our local memory and display module SAM® has helped us to become the world's first manufacturer of calibration law-compliant ad hoc charging for AC and DC stations. Measured parameters are not only visible after charging, but can be observed immediately during the charging process. In addition, SAM® stores the metering for a sufficiently long period of time and also displays the mentioned parameters on request.

We are a full-service company which has been developing interdisciplinary solutions since 2009 in order to promote electromobility. Here you will not only benefit from our innovative and customer-oriented development team. We also provide you with support when it comes to consulting, legal issues, project support, load and fleet management as well as the commissioning and maintenance of our charging stations.

High-frequency junctions are particularly concentrated in well-populated cities and communities. In this context, a suitable infrastructure for charging points takes into account rush hours, for example, and so anticipates the local demand for electric charging stations - we would be pleased to assist you here as well.