Upgrade for the future grid infrastructure for e-mobility on real estate now mandatory

New and renovated buildings will in future be equipped with grid and charging infrastructure for e-mobility. This poses new planning challenges for building owners.

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Charging stations on real estate – The requirements

Grid infrastructure for residential buildings

The draft legislation on the establishment of charging and grid infrastructure for electromobility in buildings provides for residential buildings to be equipped with grid infrastructure in the future.

If builders plan to build or renovate a residential building with more than five parking spaces (or renovate with more than ten parking spaces), they must lay grid infrastructure for each individual parking space. This involves empty conduits for the electrical lines and space for electricity meters.

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Charging and grid infrastructure for non-residential buildings

Requirements for non-residential buildings go a little further. If such a building has more than ten parking spaces, building owners must provide grid infrastructure for 20 percent of all parking spaces. They must also set up a charging point. Both apply in the case of new buildings as well as renovations. For existing buildings with more than 20 parking spaces, building owners should install a charging point by January 1, 2025.